Purely Islam Orphan Aid

Purely Islam Orphan Aid

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As Muslims, we have many responsibilities towards the Ummah. One of these responsibilities is ensuring that orphans are looked after and provided for, as our blessed Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) has stated.

Purely Islam has dedicated itself to aiding orphans around the globe. Our mission is to ensure that orphans are given clean clothing, nutritious meals and safe shelter. Purely Islam also aims to assist orphans in reading, learning and memorising the Holy Quran. Therefore, the reward to sponsoring an orphan is immense and on-going.

Sponsoring an orphan is easy. For ONLY £150 a year, you can aid in providing one child with their daily needs. This also covers the cost of Hifz classes and ensures that they are confident in reciting the Holy Quran using Tajweed.

If you would like to sponsor an orphan, but are unable to commit to a full orphan sponsorship, you can simply give with smaller donations. Purely Islam operates a 100% donations policy and it’s also simple to pay; cheque or cash are both accepted.

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